As the evening settles in, a spotlight starts its search for young blood. Light shatters on a sequin dress. There! A body crawls out of the stinking ditch. A Shining Star that hoarsely sings:

“Tonight!!! I gave the greatest performance of my life!!!”

A razor sharp stiletto darts through the spotlight and buries itself in the trunk of an old oak. A real icon has entered the forest grounds, and is not to be fucked with. In the distance A Motherfucking Diva appears on the bow of a phantom ship, sailing on former glory. There they are: a shining star, a real icon and a motherfucking diva. Sparkling like real stars: lonesomely smoldering in the distance.

‘DREAM BABY SCREAM’ is a site-specific grotesque and visual performance about the dark side of Showbizz. The American Dream gained foothold in Dutch territory. Inspired by the highly recognizable Hollywood movie genre musical biographical picture they dive into the tragedy that hides behind this insatiable generation. An intimate spectacle about those who will always yearn for sweet success.

‘DREAM BABY SCREAM’ by theatre collective The Midnight Specials (Just van Bommel, Laila Claessen and Lieke van der Vegt) is produced by Amsterdamse Bostheater in co-production with VIA ZUID and Cultura Nova.


  • Artistic Coach  – Luit Bakker  | 
  • Production  – Roy Jakobs  | 
  • Sound design  – Jonathan Bonny  | 
  • Costume Design  – Nine van Weert  |
  • Poster fotografie  – QiQi  | 
  • Poster design  – Hannes Schievink  | 
  • Poster make-up  – Angus mc Millan